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I have played on many Hockey teams since I was 6. I have skated in National Hockey Tournaments since I was 8. My crazy dad has taken a lot of pictures over the past years of all of my inline hockey and ice hockey tournament teams.


Women's / Girl's Ice Hockey

I currently just finished my sophmore year of NCAA DIII ECAC West Women's Ice Hockey with SUNY Plattsburgh in upstate New York. I finished my last 3 years of girl's ice hockey with the LA Selects in California. I played Travel B boys ice hockey with Team Excalibur (my dad formed Arizona's first combination Ice/Inline Hockey Club). I played my first girls travel ice hockey with the AZ Selects at age 13 and captained the team at age 14. I played my first Travel B ice hockey with the Squirt Roadrunners and captained the team my second year with them.


LA Selects Girls Ice Hockey


SUNY Plattsburgh
W Hockey

LA Selects Girls Ice Hockey


LA Selects
Girls Hockey

Team Excalibur Inline/Ice Hockey


Team Excalibur
Inline/Ice Hockey


AZ Selects Girls Ice Hockey


AZ Selects
Girls Hockey

Phoenix Roadrunners Ice Hockey


Ice Hockey


Women's / Girl's Inline Hockey

I am currently a player on the 2012 Team USA women's inline hockey team and was named Asst Captain this year. This is my 5th consecutive year skating on Team USA. I skated with the AIHL Phoenix Dragons Minor and Elite teams, playing out of the Castle Sports Club in Phoenix, Arizona. I played all of my youth travel inline hockey since the age 8 with Arizona's Team Excalibur (also out of the Castle Sports Club). Here I played AAA/AA/A/Women's. I got to play my first girls inline hockey at the age of 12, playing for a throw together 17U replacement girls hockey team at 2005 Narch Finals in Estero, Florida. This is where the famous picture of me cutting with the puck in an Team Excalibur uniform was taken and used on banners by Narch, AIHA, IHAAZ, and Rubber Magazine.


I played my first ever official girls divisions with the Colorado Blizzard at the age of 12 at 2005 AAU Junior Olympics in New Orleans a few weeks before Hurricane Katrina flooded the area. This was my first experience playing all girls inline hockey and I played U12/U14/U17 with the dominating Blizzard. Coach Rich Furia also convinced my dad that I should be playing girls ice hockey and should start thinking about playing college ice.


In 2007, 2 AZ Women's Inline Hockey teams were put together (an A and a B team) from all of the women/girls that skated on teams in Arizona. I played on the A team and we took home the first ever Gold from Arizona.




Team USA Women's World Inline Hockey


Team USA
Women's World Inline Hockey


AIHL Phoenix Dragons Inline Hockey


Phoenix Dragons
AIHL Inline Hockey

Team Excalibur Inline/Ice Hockey


Team Excalibur
Inline/Ice Hockey

OC Blades Girls Inline Hockey


OC Blades
Girls Inline Hockey

2007 State Wars Arizona Women's Inline Hockey


2007 State Wars
Women's Inline Hockey

Colorado Blizzard Girls Inline Hockey


Colorado Blizzard
Girls Inline Hockey






201 Team USA Women's Inline Hockey World Championships FIRS - Federation de International Roller Sports

2012-13 NCAA Women's Ice Hockey - DIII Frozen Four

SUNY Plattsburgh Women's Ice Hockey

Behind The Mask Hockey Shops

Castle Sports Club - Inline Hockey Leagues

College Recruiting Bio



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