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NCAA Women's Ice Hockey


NCAA Women's Ice Hockey is played at the Division I and Division III levels. Below are links related to preparing for college entrance and the D-I and D-III conferences (lists the teams and their rankings).


Each women's ice hockey division has a championship with the top 8 teams. The NCAA has a division championship for the top 8 voted rankings.


Be Prepared to Play College Women's Ice Hockey


You get one shot to be recuited as a Freshman to play women's ice hockey so be prepared. Start early around sophmore/junior year in high school. Make sure your grades and scholastics are high (this will help with your ranking as a recruit). Make sure your test scores are high enough to meet the minimum for the schools that you want to play for (the higher your score the easier it is to choose you over another recruit). Make sure you are contacting coaches and programs that you are interested in playing for so you can be on the list of their prospects for recuiting (where can they see you play at the competitive level they need). Make sure you have the skill sets the coaches need (just because you are a good player doesn't mean you have the hockey skill sets they need this year). Each college team will bring in 5-8 players each year. Make sure you are prepared financially (know what the annual tuition cost is for the school and if academic/athletic scholarships are available).


The below college links are D-I schools I was actively recruited for and there are a few other colleges I visited. My hope was to play for Princeton University on full scholarship which didn't work out. By the time we realized this most D-I colleges had already selected their recuits (be prepared early, you only get one chance).


I was then recuited by D-III colleges Plattsburgh State (a high end hockey school in up-state New York) and Connecticut College (a good hockey school with high end academics). Both of these coaches and programs were very impressive. In the end I selected Plattsburgh State.



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NCAA Division I
Women's Ice Hockey


NCAA D1 Rankings

USCHO Rankings


College Hockey Stats




Hockey East






NCAA Division III
Women's Ice Hockey


NCAA DIII Rankings

USCHO Rankings


College Hockey Stats


ECAC - West

ECAC - East








Princeton University
"Under God She Flourishes"

Princeton University




Ice Hockey (w)


Providence College





Ice Hockey (w)


University of Wisconsin at Madison

University of Wisconsin




Ice Hockey (w)

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota




Ice Hockey (w)


Harvard University

Harvard Universty




Ice Hockey (w)

Brown University

Brown University




Ice Hockey (w)





201 Team USA Women's Inline Hockey World Championships FIRS - Federation de International Roller Sports

2012-13 NCAA Women's Ice Hockey - DIII Frozen Four

SUNY Plattsburgh Women's Ice Hockey

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Castle Sports Club - Inline Hockey Leagues

College Recruiting Bio



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